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    Wong Wong!!
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    2 lider-plasma   [Entrada]
    If you have problems just register and place it on a topic to help you as my friend for answerds

    Creo que hay muchos de habla ingles ahora...

    1 Ananthu   [Entrada]
    trouble is without the docs direovcsing stuff (keyboard usage is a trial&error affair).i've had the graphics both in windowed an full screen (1440 990 wide screen). the static view takes a bit to get re-adjusted to, not like you and do a 360 and examine the room.so far found about 3 locked doors and as many chests i can't open. bats or what ever they are 3 of them engulfed me and killed me. haven't as yet foound the pinhead in the starter town (destroyed by attack) that i'm supposed to for more info and assistance. combat can be a tad different and i've not found any key commands yet for it and we all know i suck at mouse control. so i go to attack and move away which with a sword sucks. walking use W key to start walking continuously instead of click click click, then mouse move to change arrow of walking direction. speeds up walking distances.OH scorp I saw during the DL no key entry. just DL'ed, installed and run no cd key code entry was required.

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